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"Rio Cluster" of U.N. Proceedings

The following United Nations proceedings -- that can be loosely described as the Rio Cluster -- are all focussed in one way or other on issues of sustainability. The links on this page will connect you to available on-line information concerning these United Nations proceedings.

Please note that this page is in the process of being updated; if you notice any invalid our outdated links, or have any additional links to propose, please send an email message to habitat@undp.org

  • UNCED - United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, Rio de Janeiro, June 1992
  • CSD - Commission on Sustainable Development
  • Small Islands - Global Conference on the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States, Barbados, May 1994
  • Fish - Conference on Straddling and Highly Migratory Fish Stocks
  • Climate Convention - Framework Convention on Climate Change
  • Biodiversity Convention - Convention on Biological Diversity
  • Desertification Convention - Convention to Combat Desertification and the effects of Drought
  • Human Rights - World Conference on Human Rights, Vienna, June 1993
  • Population - International Conference on Population and Development, Cairo, September 1994
  • WSSD - World Summit for Social Development, Copenhagen, March 1995
  • Women - Fourth World Conference on Women (WCW), Beijing, September 1995
  • Forests - Intergovernmental Panel on Forests
  • NGO Review - Open-Ended Working Group on the Review of Arrangements for Consultations with Non-Governmental Organizations

    Updated: 7 November, 1996