People's Voices

Welcome to the Web site for People's Voices. The site has been set up to develop, implement and disseminate processes to facilitate ways in which people's voices - and their visions - can be articulated, compiled, organized and presented, and to support ongoing collective decision-making and action arising from the expression of people's voices. People's Voices is being developed as a campaign of the International NGO Facilitation Group for the Habitat II conference to be held in Istanbul 3-14 June, 1996. A number of initiatives are already being planned or underway for the campaign.

The goals of the People's Voices campaign are to create:

The People's Voices process will build on a design for a "participant interactive message system" developed by Anthony Judge at the Union of International Associations, and subsequently developed by Robert Pollard, Nathalie Liamine, Nadia McLaren and others under the name Da Zi Bao. Da Zi Bao was first published in Paris in December 1991 and was subsequently implemented is several conferences in preparations for the UN Conference on Environment and Development at Rio de Janeiro in June 1992, and under other names at other conferences. This included a bulletin Your Voice at the Parliament of World Religions in Chicago in August 1993, and a model for a People's Forum at the People's Summit in Halifax in June 1995.

A manual for participant interactive message systems has been developed by Nadia McLaren of the Union of International Associations.

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Updated: 20 August 1997